Franchisees Supporting Franchisees.

Whether you are an H&R Block single unit or multi-unit franchise owner, the FCA was founded to support you.

Launched in 2020, within its first year the FCA membership grew to more than 300 strong. Members experience:

  • Networking to build better businesses,
  • Sharing to offer better client service, and
  • The influence and strength of #BetterTogether.

What Our Members Say

  • "I find the chats with other franchisees very valuable. There are a lot of experts in our community and we are more successful when we are able to share that expertise with others."
  • "This group has been a lifesaver. A great early alert system to things happening in the industry. The ongoing support and feedback are invaluable. I am better at my job because of this group."
  • "Communication from the FCA has made a positive direct impact on my business and my clients. The FCA taught me about PPP loans and ERTC and I am able to use this information to make a difference for me and my clients."
  • “I view the FCA as a huge knowledge bank. If you add up all the years of small business ownership these franchises have, you can't replicate that. Sure, you can read a book or manual on how to run a successful business, but the manual won’t tell you how to specifically solve your problem in real time. You can't put a price tag on that.”

Benefits of Membership

There is power in community and strength in numbers. From mentoring to networking, the FCA connects you to success stories, best practices, and networking to overcome shared challenges.

FCA members gain access to:

  • Monthly member meetings and frequent tax updates.
  • CE trainings.
  • Members-only Microsoft Teams Chat Groups.
  • Members Resource center filled with recorded trainings, PowerPoints, worksheets, and more.
  • Periodic legal review of FDD and FLA.
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FCA Leadership Team

The FCA leadership team is committed to protect, enhance, and promote #bettertogether. Fellow franchisees, board members represent the diversity of the H&R Block Franchise Community. 

Board members

President - Jim Stowell  
Vice President - Kevin Olson
Treasurer - Melissa Gourgues
Secretary - Dawn Grode
Director - TJ Menerey
Director - Rebecca Smith
Director - Melanie Wehmeyer
FCA Executive Director - Terri S. Turner
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